We work with 1,200 to 1,800 students each semester in our school-based Arts-Integration Residencies.  Our programs in the Cuyahoga County Public Library System and our RHAPSODY and Hip-Hop Summer Arts Camp reach another 2,000 students each year.  Since 2002, more than 30,000 students have worked with our artists.

Assessment is an important part of our process, and we want to be able to show the impact of our work. Progressive Art Alliance's project planning, goal setting, and evaluation process involves examining emergent trends and best practices in assessment and evaluation, training our artist-educators in assessment design, and ongoing engagement conversations with students, classroom teachers, parents, school administrators, and community members.

During school residencies, artist-educators and classroom teacher design a rubric to assess students’ work in the arts and their learning outcomes. They develop and use observation tools to note students’ increase in collaboration and teamwork with their peers, demonstrated design thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. Progressive Art Alliance has created an online performance-based assessment tool that each artist-educator uses to gather consistent evaluation data across classrooms and schools. Classroom teachers are also interviewed to gather anecdotal feedback on the value and successes of the project as well as suggestions for future program refinement.

Progressive Arts Alliance is currently partnering with a local university; our new Curriculum and Instruction Specialist and other staff members will work closely with the university's team to develop and implement a research project. We look forward to creating new assessment tools and further examining the impact of Progressive Arts Alliance. Research findings will be shared with schools, community partners, and artists, and also guide the future direction of our work.