Our Mission

The mission of Progressive Arts Alliance is to deepen the learning experience for students, educators, and artists by designing and implementing innovative, arts-integrated, project-based learning programs.

Progressive Arts Alliance offers access for students and families.  We provide access to the arts and to the art-making process.  We offer a different way of looking at the world, and show students and families that they can learn about science, algebra, social studies, and really every content area through the lens of art.


As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we are building our vision for the next 15 years.

We look forward to developing a cohort of artist-educators who can work develop and deliver Progressive Arts Alliance programs long term. One important aspect of this cohort is ongoing training of best practices in current and emergent education trends and dedicated time to peer learning and sharing. The initiative is designed to increase Progressive Arts Alliance’s program quality and to help further establish Progressive Arts Alliance as a national thought leader in the fields of arts integration and Maker education.

We are also focusing on strengthening our community of support. We are creating a network of investors who will ensure we can deliver our high-quality programs to students, educators, parents, and other community members.