Progressive Arts Alliance Staff & Board Members

Our Staff

Rick Grahovac, Executive Director

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Susie Bauer, Development & Marketing Director

216-772-4722 x13

Stephanie Lipscomb, Operations Manager

216-772-4722 x11

Maryanne Hiti, Program Manager

216-772-4722 x18

Stephen Phillips, Program Assistant

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Our Artist-Educators:

Mark Barczak

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Brienne Broyles

216-772-4722 x24

Lynda Abraham

216-772-4722 x25

Amy Notley

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 We also work with several contractors to meet our program partners' needs.


Our Board Members

Chann Fowler-Spellman, President

Mike Fanous, Vice President & Treasurer

Daphne DeVetsco, Secretary

Richard Cahoon

Nicholas DiGiorgio

Clyde Miles

Deborah O'Neill

Michele Scott Taylor, Ed.D.

Kevin Shaw

Michelle Tomallo

Michael W. Vary

Arlene Watson

Cameron Wright