Progressive Arts Alliance Staff & Board Members

Our Staff

Rick Grahovac, Executive Director

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Susie Bauer, Development & Marketing Director

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Stephanie Lipscomb, Operations Manager

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Maryanne Hiti, Program Manager

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Stephen Phillips, Program Assistant

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Brendan O'Connell, Studio Assistant


Our Artist-Educators:

Lynda Abraham (Lead Artist-Educator)

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Herb Ascherman

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 Mark Barczak

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Brienne Broyles

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Lexi Deet

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Amy Notley

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 We also work with several contractors to meet our program partners' needs.


Our Board Members

Clyde Miles, President

Mike Fanous, Vice President 

Cameron Wright, Secretary

Deborah O'Neill, Treasurer

Todd Benni

Richard Cahoon

Daphne DeVetsco

Nicholas DiGiorgio

Chann Fowler-Spellman

Kevin Shaw

Michelle Tomallo