Our curriculum is constantly evolving.

Progressive Arts Alliance speaks art in the classroom through a wide range of art forms, from sculpture and mixed media to contemporary dance and DJ’ing with turntables. We recruit and train a specialized group of professional artists that have the expertise to speak art in schools and libraries throughout the community. We transform these individuals from artists to artist-educators and our artist-educators partner with classroom teachers to merge art into other subject areas.

Through arts-integration, we connect artists to teachers, and students to inspiration. We enrich the learning process by connecting relevant forms of art to learning across a variety of subjects, including science and math. Our artists are seekers, risk takers, question askers, and problem solvers.  Learn more about our artist-educators here.


What We Offer

 In-School Residencies

Out-Of-School-Time Programs

  • Afterschool Programs
  • Summer Programs
  • Library Programs

Special Projects

  • Professional Development
  • Other Programs

Program Themes

  • Arts Integration
  • Maker Movement
  • Hip-Hop

Contact us at paainfo@paalive.org or call us at 216.772.4PAA (4722) to bring the inspiration and creativity of Progressive Arts Alliance into your classrooms and communities.