Arts Integration

Science, language arts, math, and other subjects come alive through hands-on experiences that explore art. The Kennedy Center offers this definition, which Progressive Arts Alliance embraces:

Visit the Kennedy Center and Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education to learn more about arts integration and why it's so important.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In the past few years, "STEAM" - which is STEM plus the arts - has become more widely recognized.

Progressive Arts Alliance has developed a niche using the arts to teach STEM concepts in schools in Greater Cleveland. We know artists are seekers, risk takers, question askers and problem solvers. We want students to embrace these qualities and find them in their own lives, especially as they explore project-based learning in today's classrooms.

Students working with Progressive Arts Alliance artist-educators experience hands-on learning. We connect art to circuits. We connect students to building and experimenting. We connect teachers principals and parents to new, relevant paths to engaging students.

See how we've connected sculpture to the study of circuits and the atmosphere and see how we changed minds and made algebra relevant to building mobiles.


Maker Movement

We are the modern learning platform. We introduce new ideas and new thinking. We design and refine and then deliver our programs to teachers, students, and the community. We connect art, culture and technology and it's especially obvious when students use the equipment and tools in our Mobile Maker Lab - they explore laser cutters, 3D printers, soldering irons, and more.

Students use this state of the art technology and tools to engage in hands-on learning through many Progressive Arts Alliance residencies and programs. Here seventh graders studied clouds, then constructed armatures using a variety of materials. This project integrated the arts with physical science, earth science, and space concepts.


Since 2002, Progressive Arts Alliance has hosted community hip-hop camps throughout our region. Our RHAPSODY (Recognizing Hip-Hop As a Powerful Source of Development for Youth) Hip-Hop Summer Arts Program has featured a two week experience, culminating in a performance at IdeaCenter in downtown Cleveland.

These dynamic camps were designed to introduce students to hip-hop and build foundational skills in music, dance, and visual art.

Progressive Arts Alliance hip-hop programs focus on:

     DJing – Students learn how to use the turntables and mixer as a musical instrument.

     MCing – Students learn about lyric writing and delivering your rhymes to a beat.

     Breaking – Students learn the basic moves of this rhythmic dance.

     Graffiti – Students learn how to design colorful, letter-based art.

Our hip-hop programs also help build 21st century skills in collaboration, leadership, and problem solving.

We are currently incorporating hip-hop into arts integration residencies in schools. We would also be pleased to talk with potential partners about offering a hip-hop workshop or camp at your site. Contact us to learn more.

We thought the camp was brilliant…with so much negativity about hip-hop music and controversial artists, it is great to see the positive side of this art form.— Kelley R., Parent
Through the hip-hop camp, my son learned to believe in himself as the artists at camp did. He now brings that confidence to every new undertaking, every class, every team, every performance, every social situation.— Joan M., Parent