Professional Development

Progressive Arts Alliance presents professional development opportunities for educators in conjunction with residencies and through special programs.

Progressive Arts Alliance participated in the symposium “Creativity and Curiosity in Today’s Classroom” presented by the Oberlin Center for the Arts and held at Oberlin College.  Staff shared examples of sample projects and led participants through a hands-on activity in a workshop entitled “Turning STEM into STEAM – Integrating the Arts into STEM.”

Progressive Arts Alliance artists also led interactive workshops at the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio’s All Staff Professional Development Day, sharing ideas about how making art can help reduce stress. 


We'd be delighted to customize a program for your school or organization and share our work in the arts and arts integration.

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Other Programs

We've been honored to present our work at the South by Southwest Educational Conference in Austin, Texas. See our project on the Playground here:


Students from RHAPSODY Hip-Hop Summer Arts Camp have performed across the region, and beyond.

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